A publisher who writes your manuscript for you?

Are we completely nuts?

Probably 😛 But this offer isn’t.

We’ve put together a unique service for business owners and thought leaders who would like to ‘write’ a book in 2024, but just don’t have the time to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard).
All you need to do is provide us with the links to your blogs, podcasts, video’s, courses etc. and a few ideas around the topic of the book you’d like to produce – and we’ll take all your amazing EXISTING content and turn it into your sparkling new manuscript.

Got an online video course already? Turn that into a book.

Been diligent in creating monthly blog articles? Turn those into a book.

Post prolifically on social media? Create a book of tips!

The opportunities are endless. The ease is off the charts.

You see, most business owners already have A LOT of existing content. You’ve probably already gone to a lot of effort in producing this amazing content on a regular basis to entertain, engage and educate your audience. There is a limit though, to what weight that content holds in your audiences’ eyes. A blog post might be useful, but its still just a blog post. A podcast is often listened to and then forgotten about soon after.

But the impact of putting this content into an actual book? Is HUGE! A book is viewed incredibly highly – and instantly elevates your brand and your own profile. And a book lasts forever. It turns your content into a true legacy that never ever goes away. That content is recorded for life.

And, it could change lives.

Repurposing the content you already have is THE quickest way to ‘writing’ or creating your first book – or even your second or third books. And even if your content isn’t quite enough to form a complete book – it’s far easier to use it as a base to work from, than trying to write a book from scratch. #blankpagessuck

Producing your first book this way, can give you quicker results and ROI, while also helping your audience – while also giving yourself the gift of confidence – so you can then go on to write more books, later.

Here’s the simple process:

Step 1: Fill out our easy form.

Step 2: We do the legwork, or the book creation work, for you. Yep – that means we gather your content together, we transcribe video or audio content, and put it into your manuscript.

Step 3: You hold your manuscript in your hot little hands – and tweak or revise it if needed.

Step 4: You either self-publish or publish through us or find your own publisher.

Step 5: Celebrate your business thought-leadership book glory (and reap the rewards with a bigger profile and more clients).

Writing and publishing a book is proven to:

– Increase your credibility and trust in the eyes of your audience.
– Elevate your brand and profile.
– Open doors to speaker gigs and PR features.
– Convert more clients.
– Cut through the noise online, so YOU stand out.
– Allow you to charge higher prices for your work.

And so much more.

So, if getting a book done and published is on your wish list for 2024 – this might be the answer.

As this is something new, and we want more business owners and authors to succeed, we’re keen to offer this service at 70 percent off for the FIRST FIVE who take us up on it (providing you’re happy to provide a little review for us in exchange).

It’s called ‘Writing Wizardry (for Business Books)’.


INITIAL 70% DISCOUNTED PRICE: $899 (First 5 Only – then price will increase to 60% off, and so on)

We’ll also offer a money-back guarantee. If you don’t have enough content to form a decent length book OR you don’t like what we produce, you’ll get a full refund. That way, there’s no risk to you, it’s all on us.

By the way – this work is performed manually, by our team. We literally will go through the content you provide, formulate an appropriate content and chapter plan to suit your business goals and topic, and then pull all that content into a properly formatted manuscript.

This isn’t software produced or AI generated. It’s all just expert leg work from our team, to save you the time and the hassle of pulling a book together.

And if you’re not sure about what topic to choose, we can look over your content and help you with that too.

We can even advise on how best to USE your book in your business to get best results – it’s all always about having the right #strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

❓Why wouldn’t I just do this myself?

Well, you can. But, it still takes a fair chunk of time and effort. And, you still need to have some direction and knowledge to get it done right.

❓Can’t I just pay my VA to do it?

You certainly could. But chances are, they aren’t publishing or business positioning experts. Our team are. There’s a much higher chance that we will produce something that’s more immediately publishable – as we know what we look for in a finished product.

❓Can’t AI write my book for me?

Ummmm. No. Please don’t. We won’t publish AI written content as it ALL SOUNDS THE SAME! And most other publishers won’t publish it either. Do you really want to position yourself and your business as a robot?

❓How is this different to ghost writing?

A ghost writer writes your book content from scratch and attempts to replicate your tone and unique personality. They also need to interview you extensively. It’s a long and involved process, that often costs $10K – $100K. And, it still may not sound like you. Using your own content, WILL.

❓Shouldn’t I write my book from scratch?

That’s up to you. Many creative types LOVE writing books from scratch and that’s perfectly ok. But if you don’t have the significant time needed to do this, or the enthusiasm or talent for writing 60,000 words from scratch, this is your next best option. It’s still your content and your genius – just gathered from what you’ve got into one spot.

➡️How do I sign up?

Right here: https://theruralcopywriter.thrivecart.com/writing…/

What We Offer

Book Coaching

Personalised, one to one coaching, to help you get your book written.


Done for you publishing services, where you retain all rights and royalties.


Book writing and publishing courses so you can learn the processes yourself.