About Us

The Rural Publishing Company publishes books for rural, regional and remote authors and business owners!

Our Story

The Rural Publishing Company is led by the entrepreneurial dynamic duo – Sarah Walkerden & Toby Billing.

Sarah, Founder of The Rural Copywriter, is a multi-award-winning Copywriter & Marketing Specialist, plus a Best Selling Author.

Toby, Founder of Billing Metals & Manufacturing, is also a Business Coach at the co-owned The Rural Marketing Company.

Sarah & Toby have developed a huge passion for supporting rural, regional and remote businesses through their suite of businesses and brands.

They can’t wait to now help rural authors, to bring their stories to life.

Sarah & Toby are located near Ballarat, on their rural property, with their two young kids – Oliver & Sophie, plus a stack of chooks, horses and two very cute little dogs.

The Rural Publishing Company

Our Philosophy & Mission

Our Mission is to enable MORE rural, regional and remote authors to get published, as easily and quickly as possible.


Our Company Values:

  • Courage (to be bold)
  • Driven (to succeed)
  • Honesty (for an open, two-way conversation)
  • Results (that propel rural authors and businesses forward)
  • Fun (‘Cause life and business should be)
Rural Business Women - The Rural Publishing Company

Helping Authors & Business Owners to Achieve their Dreams

Writing and publishing books can be a dream for many. And yet too few, actually end up achieving that dream.

We want to change that, by empowering our fellow rural and regional business owners and aspiring authors with the tools they need to succeed – regardless of their budget.


What We Offer

Book Coaching

Personalised, one to one coaching, to help you get your book written.

Publishing Services

Done for you publishing services, where you retain all rights and royalties.


Book writing and publishing courses so you can learn the processes yourself.


What Our Authors are Saying

Writing a chapter in this book has been both rewarding and challenging – thankyou Sarah for the opportunity. To work along side a wonderful group of strong, motivating rural women has been an absolute pleasure.

I am proud to be involved in writing a business book alongside these amazing rural business women. The opportunity to share my own story and to help others is truly an honour. If the reader can identify with our stories and take away something that will help them in their business and their lives then we have done our job.

I am really grateful for the opportunity presented by Sarah to participate in co-authoring the ‘Rural Business Women’ book! It came together really well and I learnt a lot about contributing a chapter in a book and getting published! Thanks Sarah!