Social Responsibility

The Rural Publishing Company publishes amazing books but we also strive to have a positive impact on the world.

As a small, family-run business, we strive to be socially responsible.

While we’re here to make a profit and support our little family (put our kids through a decent school, feed ourselves, keep a roof over our heads and look after our horses, etc.) – we’ve always had a strong desire to support local rural and regional communities and organisations too.

To make a bigger impact and to make a difference.

This means, we’re currently expanding our efforts and initiatives, around donations, sustainability and ethical, inclusive employment practices.

Commitment 1: Donations & Support

  • Profit Share – We will donate 1% of all profits from our publishing packages to Rural Aid Australia or other registered rural charities in need on a quarterly basis.
  • Books for Kids – We will donate a selection of our children’s books to rural and regional school libraries, paediatric wards of regional hospitals or Ronald McDonald House Charities, around Australia – on a regular basis.

This means, when you publish with us and engage our services, you’re also helping to strengthen rural communities, and provide much-needed support to farmers, families and children across regional Australia.

Group of hands coming together - representing support to the rural community

Commitment 2: Sustainability & Environment

We have, and continue to, strive to reduce waste, re-use and recycle as much as possible.
This includes:

  • Print on Demand – Our authors only order the print copies they need of their books at any one time, rather than getting stuck with a garage full of unnecessary, wasted copies.
  • Re-Used & Recycled Post Packaging – We ship our book orders using re-used or recycled packaging materials.
  • Minimise Paper Printing in Office – We aim for a paperless office, preferring electronic communications and processes as much as possible.
  • Remote Workforce – Our contractors work from their home, reducing travel and carbon emissions.
  • Home-Based Head Office – Our company runs from our home, again reducing travel and carbon emissions, and sharing our household consumption.

This means, when you publish with us and engage our services, you’re also helping to reduce carbon emissions and environmental impacts.

Hand drawing diagram of people, planet, profit to explain the intersection of Sustainable Development concept

Commitment 3: Ethical, Inclusive Employment

  • Remote Workforce – Promotes employee health, wellbeing and work-life balance.
  • We Hire Regional Workers First – Where possible, our contractors and staff are based regionally across Australia.
  • Inclusivity & Diversity – We actively seek out and hire talent from disadvantaged and marginalised groups, including junior workers, mums returning to the workforce, differently-abled workers, indigenous workers, LBGTI workers or older workers who are reskilling.
  • Culture – We aim to promote an inclusive culture based on mutual respect and understanding.

This means, when you publish with us and engage our services, you’re also helping to employ regional staff, staff from disadvantaged or marginalised groups, and supporting a culture of work-life balance, mental health and a strong culture of inclusion and support.

Computer on a desk with a white mug with rural background

What We Offer

Book Coaching

Personalised, one to one coaching, to help you get your book written.

Publishing Services

Done for you publishing services, where you retain all rights and royalties.


Book writing and publishing courses so you can learn the processes yourself.


What Our Authors are Saying

Writing a chapter in this book has been both rewarding and challenging – thankyou Sarah for the opportunity. To work along side a wonderful group of strong, motivating rural women has been an absolute pleasure.

I am proud to be involved in writing a business book alongside these amazing rural business women. The opportunity to share my own story and to help others is truly an honour. If the reader can identify with our stories and take away something that will help them in their business and their lives then we have done our job.

I am really grateful for the opportunity presented by Sarah to participate in co-authoring the ‘Rural Business Women’ book! It came together really well and I learnt a lot about contributing a chapter in a book and getting published! Thanks Sarah!