“The Diminishment of Joy” By Kaybee Pearson.
A beautifully written novel that will have you hooked from start to finish!

From the back of the book:

Joy O’Connell trusts in the rules.

After being strangled at work, it’s black and white.

The system will protect her.

The perpetrator will be stood down.

Joy will attend counselling to recover from the trauma.

Except, it doesn’t work that way.

Those in positions of power dictate the narrative, redefine reality and control outcomes.

Joy’s belief in the system upends.

Being strangled is the least threat to her life; the workers compensation game is scarier.

Within it, she is fighting for the truth, for her rights – and ultimately her sanity – during a time she is vulnerable, brain addled, needing support and compassion.

Forced to comply with interventions increasingly more intimidating, she becomes defiant.

To them it’s a game; to Joy, it’s her future security, with everything to lose.

Who can she trust?

When the system threatens her family, she faces a moral dilemma.

How important is vindication? And at what cost?

“A perfect example of the feminist adage, the personal is political.”

“A must read for anyone who has been a victim of the system.”

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This one is set to be a real winner.

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