One of the biggest complaints most authors have when it comes to the publishing process – is the lack of support in actually selling their finished book.


And it’s something we’re pretty dedicated to fixing at The Rural Publishing Company.

Because there’s no point to going to all the effort of writing a book and publishing a book – IF you can’t SELL that book.

Which is why, we’ve just introduced an extra bonus inclusion into our middle (Pro Publish) and top-level (Total Publish) publishing packages

An Author Website – a one-page fully designed and built web page, with copywriting, plus a customised domain name and your first 12 months of website hosting provided – ALL ON US!

We link it to your PayPal account and Amazon, and you’re good to go.

Which means, you can start selling your books YOURSELF the moment it’s released, with no extra fuss, hassle or things to do.

Plus, as we also own and operate The Rural Marketing Company (& The Rural Copywriter) – there’s a stack more we can do to help you.

We also include as standard:

• Promotion across our channels
• Free advertising in our digital magazine
• Launch and marketing guidance
• We retail your book on OUR website.

(Not to mention your editing, cover design, layout, publishing, distribution, print on demand setup and National Library Deposit)

You can also EXPAND your marketing support, with an expanded website, PR and media assistance, customised social media plans and so much more.

Check out our affordable publishing packages.

Then, get in touch with us to discuss your book.

What We Offer

Book Coaching

Personalised, one to one coaching, to help you get your book written.

Publishing Services

Done for you publishing services, where you retain all rights and royalties.


Book writing and publishing courses so you can learn the processes yourself.