Book Coaching

The Book Coaching Process

Introductory Strategy & Planning Session

The Book Coaching process begins by spending up to 2 hours with both Sarah and Toby, to figure out your topic, a working title, and plan out your chapters.

By the end of this session you’ll have your book content planned and mapped out – so you’ll be ready to start writing.

Don’t worry though if you already have done all of this – we’ll go over it again, just to be sure you’re on the right track, review where you’re at and provide any initial guidance you may need.

Fortnightly or Monthly 1:1 Progress & Accountability Session

These 1:1 Progress & Accountability Sessions will run for approximately an hour – either monthly, or fortnightly (depending on the package you choose).

You can give us an update on where your writing is at – and where you might be struggling.

We can offer our experienced insights and suggestions to help you and your writing to stay on track and to ensure your manuscript gets finished.

Accountability, and having someone to poke and prod you a little, helps to ensure you get things done.


Fortnightly or Monthly Chapter Feedback

In addition to the 1:1 Sessions – you’ll be able to submit the work you have completed so far, to our team, for our professional review and feedback.

Submit a single chapter – or a group of chapters – whatever fresh writing you have completed for that fortnight or month.

Getting regular feedback on your writing will help guide you on your style, tone, content and more – to make sure you stick to your original plan and to help you improve your writing as you go.

Then, you’ll soon be ready to get your book published.


Access Discounted Publishing Packages

When you choose to undertake a book coaching package with us – you’ll get a significant discount off your publishing package.

For ‘Pro Publish’ – you’ll get 25% off.

For ‘Total Publish’ – you’ll get 35% off.

This is because much of the editing work will be done as we go, throughout the coaching process.


How are the sessions run?

We run the coaching sessions online, via Zoom or your preferred platform.

What happens if I fall behind on my writing?

Life will frequently get in the way of your writing. And that’s precisely what we’re here for.

We can help get your writing back on track by adjusting your plan and timeframes – and helping you to dedicate more time.

Can you help me overcome writers block?

YES! That’s our specialty. Sarah has been a professional copywriter and author for over 18 years – having won multiple awards for her work.

Sarah is the master of writing processes and brain tricks to help the writing happen more easily.

Why should I get book coaching?

Book coaching on a consistent and regular basis will help to keep you accountable and on track with your book writing.

This means you’re far more likely to get your manuscript written and completed – rather than starting and never finishing.

Coaching also gives you the chance to get regular feedback on your writing and allows you to ask any questions or help you get past any challenges.


What Our Authors are Saying

I am proud to be involved in writing a business book alongside these amazing rural business women. The opportunity to share my own story and to help others is truly an honour. If the reader can identify with our stories and take away something that will help them in their business and their lives then we have done our job.

I am really grateful for the opportunity presented by Sarah to participate in co-authoring the ‘Rural Business Women’ book! It came together really well and I learnt a lot about contributing a chapter in a book and getting published! Thanks Sarah!

Writing a chapter in this book has been both rewarding and challenging – thankyou Sarah for the opportunity. To work along side a wonderful group of strong, motivating rural women has been an absolute pleasure.