Typesetting & Layout

Get your print books and eBooks internal pages designed and produced in the right formats for publication.

Internal Page Layout

When you’re producing your book, a plain old Word Document won’t cut it. Your internal pages need professional formatting and design, otherwise known as book typesetting, to make your content sparkle – and also to meet the file requirements of publishing and distribution platforms.

Our team can expertly produce your internal pages to the right specifications for a professional result.

1. What file formats do I need?

Print books require a PDF file, with each individual page designed correctly. You will need page numbers, headers and footers, plus a table of contents etc.

eBooks require an EPUB file, to ensure it is ‘reflowable’ so it automatically adjusts to different screen sizes.


2. Can you just produce my eBook?

Yes, we certainly can. You might have a full length eBook, or we can even produce your lead magnets or mini eBooks.

3. Why can't I just use a Word Document?

While you can certainly write your book in a Word Document (and submit it to us in that format), uploading this directly to Amazon as an eBook won’t give you the professional results you need. 

You also can’t print from a Word Document – you would need to turn it into a PDF – however, be careful doing this yourself, as printers have very specific and often complicated requirements.

4. What does it cost?

Keep scrolling down to view our ‘off-the-shelf’ fees – or contact us for a quote.

Prologue Sample

The Investment

eBooks / Lead Magnet

Upto 5000 Words & 5 Images


Full eBook Only

Upto 60,000 Words & 10 Images


eBook + Print

Upto 60,000 Words & 20 Images


Chat to Us

If you’re not quite sure what you need, or your book doesn’t fall into the above categories, please feel free to get in touch.

We’re more than happy to assess your manuscript and provide you with your options.