Coming Soon – Two Trees

Wow, things are heating up again with book launches galore over the next few weeks.

This one is an intriguing Sci Fi / Fantasy title…

TWO TREES – Written & Illustrated by Christopher Beck


“Elves with blasters!

It’s all true! Faeries, Elves and Angels; the gods and monsters of myth and legend are real, and living among us. There has been a war going on for a very long time between the Elder races of the Vansadagaadian Corridor and predatory forces of the Annunaki god Enlil and the Pandemonium. Humanity is caught in the middle.

Walter Ryan is an agent of the Melkizedek Order who has been given orders to track down an enemy named Graud. The mission leads him into the world of the Vansadagaadians and the Faerie tribes that protect humanity from the Pandemonium.

From the Western Front of World War I to Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat, then to 100 years later and a new global war against the ancient enemy, Walter and his family must fight both in the present and in the ancient past to defeat Graud and prevent the enslavement of the world.

Stay tuned for the release!

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