The Curriculum

How to Write Anything, Good

Price: $47 (AUS)

The foolproof process to getting words on the page, for any purpose.

This process will help you write:

  • Books
  • Social Media Copy
  • Website Copy
  • Blog Posts

& more!

DIY Self Publishing

Price: $97 (AUS)

Everything you need to know to self-publish your own book.


  • ISBN & Barcodes
  • Cover Design
  • Typsetting
  • Global Distribution
  • Print on Demand
  • Marketing

& more.

How to Plan & Write Your Book

Price: $197 (AUS)

Creating the confidence to start + how to plan, write and edit your own book.


  • Creating the Confidence to Start
  • Dedicating the Time
  • Planning Your Book
  • Writing Your Book
  • Editing Your Book


How do I access the courses?

Follow the links above to sign up and gain access to the courses material.

All access is instant.

We use a platform called Thrive Cart and Learn – which is separate to our website – but is completely secure.

Who has put the courses together?

Sarah Walkerden – Co-Founder of The Rural Publishing Company has produced these courses.

Sarah is a multi-award winning copywriter and marketing specialist (with 18 years experience) over at The Rural Copywriter and The Rural Marketing Company.

How quickly do I get the content?

You’ll get immediate access to ALL of the course content, as soon as you sign up.

This way, it’s entirely up to you how quickly or slowly you complete the course.

Are there any refunds on the courses?

Only in certain circumstances, such as unforeseen emergencies and extenuating cirumstances – as you get access to the entire courses on signup.

Please contact us if you need help.


What Our Authors are Saying

Writing a chapter in this book has been both rewarding and challenging – thankyou Sarah for the opportunity. To work along side a wonderful group of strong, motivating rural women has been an absolute pleasure.

I am proud to be involved in writing a business book alongside these amazing rural business women. The opportunity to share my own story and to help others is truly an honour. If the reader can identify with our stories and take away something that will help them in their business and their lives then we have done our job.

I am really grateful for the opportunity presented by Sarah to participate in co-authoring the ‘Rural Business Women’ book! It came together really well and I learnt a lot about contributing a chapter in a book and getting published! Thanks Sarah!