Writing and publishing a book is a fantastic tool that you can add to your marketing bag of tricks.

Books help position you as a leader and expert in your field, leading to more clients, more visibility and more opportunities.

However, if you’re like most of us business owners, we have a million and one ideas for the books we could potentially write. Trouble is, it can be tricky to know which topic idea to choose first (or next).

You could also be in the position where you just don’t have a single clue as to the topic you should cover.

So, what to do? How do you come up with ideas? How do you choose the right one for where you are right now, and where you want your business to go (and grow)?

We have the answers!

The Brain Dump

We hereby give you permission to spit out all those ideas on to the page. Nothing is too ridiculous. Anything goes.

Write down any topic or idea you can possibly think of relating to your business and the types of coaching, services or products you offer.

Do Your Research

Do a little research on Amazon to see what types of books already exist within your topic of expertise.

Check out the best seller lists in various business categories to see what’s selling.

Then, think about whether you can present a different angle to the books out there – or if there are any gaps.

For example, I went looking for specific books to help rural women in business and found none. Which was precisely how my book – Rural Business Women – was born.

Match up your brain dumped topic ideas to what’s already on the market.

While most topics have been covered – you’ll always find a way to put your unique perspective on them.

Figure Out Where You Want to Go

This can be tricky, but if you know you want to move into a new area within your business or to become known for something in particular – this is the best source of topics.

There’s no point writing about cats for example – if you want to be known for horse training.

Ok, so that might be an extreme example, but you get the gist.

Think About What Problems Your Audience Needs Help With

When writing a book for your business, you’ll want to take in to account the needs of your audience.

Is there a common and very pressing problem that you’re seeing within your audience, that you could solve in the form of a book?

Write them down.

Brain Dump Some More

As you do a little research and thinking, you’re bound to come up with lots more topic ideas.

Write them all down. Add them to the original list or rework the new ones with the old ones into a new list.

Group Similar Topics & Assess

Take your brain dumped list of topics, and group any that are similar.

Look at each group and see whether you can either combine these topics (take a word from one, and another word from another) or get rid of a few.

You’ll hopefully find a few hot contenders emerging.

Choose Your Top 3 & Share Them

Now that you hopefully have a somewhat smaller list of potential topics, see if you can choose your top 3 (or 5 if you must!).

Then – run those past a few friends, family members or business mentors to see what they like. You could even run them past your audience via social media or your email list.

Chatting through your options with other people can really help clarify your direction – or someone else might actually come up with a better topic or title that works way better, that you may never have come up with on your own.

Trust Your Gut

Ultimately, choosing a topic and title for your book – whether its your first or your next title – is a matter of trusting your gut and your instincts.

Throughout this process you’ll inevitably hit on an idea that really resonates with you. It will often strike you like a bolt of lightning, and you’ll just know that it’s the right one.

Trust that. Even if others are telling you otherwise.

You need to write something that completely lights you up or it will never get done.

Pour your heart and soul and business passion into that book, in an authentic way, and you’re just about guaranteed success.

Plus, you can always write another!

However, if you’re still really stuck or have no one else to bounce off – we can help.

Just send us an email or message us on Facebook.

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