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Publishing your book and becoming an author just got easier.

We’re all about creating beautiful books for rural, regional and remote authors across Australia.

Whether you’re a first timer, a seasoned writer or a business owner wanting to position yourself for more success.

We ARE a hybrid publisher, not traditional. This means that you remain in full control of your work and book sale profits – while our experienced team handle all the tricky publishing steps for you. 

The Benefits of Publishing With Us

We Manage The Entire Process – Making Publishing Easy

You Remain In Control & Retain the Rights To your Work

You Keep Your Book Sale Profits (Not Us!)

You Get Superior Results In Comparison to Going it Alone

We Give Extra Marketing Support

Our Publishing Process

Editing & Proofing

Even the best manuscript requires editing and proofreading.

Our team will expertly work their magic to ensure your finished book sparkles – and is free from errors.

To make sure you end up with a quality end product.

Haven’t managed to write your manuscript yet? Check out our Book Coaching.


Cover Design & Internal Layout

Your cover design is what will help your book to jump off the shelves and into peoples shopping baskets.

Your internal layout (or typesetting) ensures a solid reader experience.

Get both done correctly and beautifully, with our professional team.


File Production for both Print & eBook Formats

Producing your end files can be a tricky business.

Our team can take the hassle out of file production, to make sure your book is uploaded smoothly, for both perfect prints and effortless eBooks.

Warning – It’s costly to get this part wrong!


Global Distribution for both Print & eBook Formats

This is where things get exciting. Our team will upload your print and eBook files to make it available to bookstores and online retailers, such as Amazon.

You’ll soon see your finished book filtering out and appearing on Booktopia, Barnes & Noble and more!


Print on Demand

Ready to print your first physical copies?

We will be! Our team can organise orders on your behalf, or teach you how to print as many copies as you like, when you like.

You’ll be holding them in your excited little hands, in no time.


Launch & Marketing

The final piece to the puzzle! We can help you put together a dazzling launch plan to get those sales flying in – so your copies can go flying out.

And yes, we can help with marketing your eBooks too.


Children’s Book Payment Plan

3 Monthly Payments of $1000

Pro Publish Payment Plan

$1497 Upfront + 5 Monthly Payments of $600

If you’d like a payment plan, just get in touch.

Total Publish Payment Plan

$1997 Upfront + 5 Monthly Payments of $1000

FREE BONUS: New Author Websites

For authors who publish with us – you now have the option of having a one-page author or sales page website built for you – for FREE.

We’ll also throw in 12 months of domain name registration and web hosting.


One of the main complaints most authors have, is the lack of support from publishers when it comes to marketing and sales.

Luckily, we also operate The Rural Marketing Company – so this is where we shine!

For our Pro Publish and Total Publish packages, not only do you get a FREE Author Website, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of:

  • Launch & marketing guidance.
  • Promotion on our social media channels.
  • Promotion in our digital magazine for rural entrepreneurs and staff.
  • Promotion on our website.
  • Promotion at book fairs and trade shows.
  • The opportunity for local media interviews.

And more! All included FREE.


Happy Authors

Dadless But Not Fatherless Kindle
Samara Eastment Google Review

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Are there payment plans?

Yes, we can certainly offer payment plans, particularly for the larger packages.

We can split payments into two, three or even over 6 months or more.

Just email us to ask at hello@theruralpublishingcompany.com.au.

Do you take all authors and all works?

Not really! We still hand select authors and their manuscripts based on quality and what we believe has merit and will sell well.

We won’t publish anything derogratory or in poor taste – that’s for sure!

Our team assess manuscripts thoroughly before a publishing contract is offered.

Is there any marketing support?

Yes! As we also own The Rural Marketing Company – our team is well equipped to support you with marketing.

Included in most packages is:

  • Launch and marketing guidance
  • Promotion across our social media channels – including a video interview on YouTube (which you can repurpose for your own uses).
  • Promotion in our digital magazine.
  • An article in our local newspaper (to start off your PR efforts).

You can also add on extra done-for-you marketing services too.

Why do you charge authors - rather than pay authors?

We are a hybrid publisher, or an assisted self-publisher.

We are NOT a traditional publisher.

Traditional publishers do indeed pay authors when they sign up an author. However, this is simply an upfront advance of your book sale royalties.

Traditional publishers also then OWN the rights to your work (so they control how it looks and reads) – and you only get a small percentage of your book sale profits.

Plus – it’s near impossible for new authors to get a traditional publishing contract, unless you have a huge audience and a literary agent.

With us, anyone with a quality manuscript can get published. Yes, you pay us to produce your book. We have a team of specialists who can get all the hard work done for you, with design, distribution, etc.

However, you retain the rights to your own work (you have final say over everything) AND you keep ALL of your book sale profits.

Will you get my book into bookstores?

Yes, and no.

We offer global distribution, which means we make your book available to bookstores globally.

This does not necessarily mean that every bookstore in the world will instantly choose to stock it however.

Yes, your book will feed out to Amazon, Booktopia, Barnes & Noble online and many other online services.

We can also provide guidance on further distribution and marketing avenues.

However, most newer authors will need to be prepared to do a lot of ‘leg work’ when it comes to marketing and getting your book stocked in stores.

Do I retain the rights to my own work?

Yes you do! Unlike a traditional publisher who essentially buys the rights to your work – meaning THEY have control over how it is published and what happens to it – with us as a hybrid publisher – YOU keep your rights and stay in full control.

Which also means, you get ALL of your book sale profits too!

The only thing our contracts stripulate is that we reserve the publishing rights for the first 12 months after publication.

How do I sell my finished book?

When publishing with us, we make your book available to bookstores globally, plus online services such as Amazon, Booktopia and Barnes & Noble online.

You can choose to only sell via these platforms OR you can also sell copies via your own website and social media.

We can assist with setting you up for success with all of this.

Just ask us how!

Do you produce audiobook versions of books too?

We can, with some limitations. If you’re wanting to read and record your own audiobook – you can hand us the audio files, and we can help you publish it alongside your print and eBook versions (for the Total Publish package only).

However! If you’re not comfortable reading and recording your own book – you are able to find a professional who can do this for you.

The trouble is, for a full length novel or non-fiction book, this can be incredibly expensive. It’s not something our team can offer at the moment – but we may do in future.

Feel free to get in touch with us for further assistance here.

What happens if I have more or less words than the 60,000 in your packages?

That’s absolutely fine. The packages we list above are our standard packages that fit a lot of average sized books.

We do however customise packages to individual authors requirements.

If you have more than 60,000 words, then yes, we will adjust these packages to make sure our team can produce a quality result. Therefore, it might be a little more expensive to get through your editing and page layout.

If you have less than 60,000 words, then clearly, your package price will be slightly cheaper.

Make sure you chat to us first, to see what we can do for you.

What if I have several manuscripts or a series?

Get in touch with the team at hello@theruralpublishingcompany.com.au.

We can package up multiple manuscripts or a series into a more cost effective package.

Payment plans are available too.


What Our Authors are Saying

Writing a chapter in this book has been both rewarding and challenging – thankyou Sarah for the opportunity. To work along side a wonderful group of strong, motivating rural women has been an absolute pleasure.

I am proud to be involved in writing a business book alongside these amazing rural business women. The opportunity to share my own story and to help others is truly an honour. If the reader can identify with our stories and take away something that will help them in their business and their lives then we have done our job.

I am really grateful for the opportunity presented by Sarah to participate in co-authoring the ‘Rural Business Women’ book! It came together really well and I learnt a lot about contributing a chapter in a book and getting published! Thanks Sarah!