Back Yourself (Paperback Book)




Advice and inspiration to create the business you’ve been dreaming of.

27 incredible business women share their top business advice, to inspire you to create the business you’ve been dreaming of.

I am a contributing author to this book, featuring some inspirational business women.

My chapter is all about ‘Trust’ and how that helps you to succeed in business.

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Is there a voice inside you that knows that there is so much more for you, that you have incredible potential just waiting to be realised?
Then Back Yourself has been written for you. This book is the essential guide for women who are serious about creating the business they’ve been dreaming of and know that they have the potential and determination to get there.
Believing in yourself is an incredible force of power that starts with you. Whether you want to change the world, invent an incredible product, take on the big brands, inspire people, take your business global or start a movement it’s time to get started!
Combining the inspirational stories and expert business advice of 27 women business leaders this book shares the life-changing power of what can happen when you learn how to back yourself.

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