Looking for a way to transform yourself and your business in 2023 AND get a book published?



The Magic 8 Ball Business Book Mastermind

Reflect. Write. Lead.

Reflect – On Where you’ve Come From
Write – Process the Emotions & Share Your Lessons
Lead – By Positioning Yourself as An Author

Have you ever wished you had your very own ‘magic 8 ball’ or fortune teller in your business?

Something that tells you what to do next?

Well – we’ve created one!

Writing a book for your business could in fact BE your very own magic 8 ball.

Enter – the Magic 8 Ball Business Book Mastermind.

We spend 8 Weeks together.

We map out your magic 8 ball book topic idea.

We map out 8 perfect chapters.

We help you to find the 8 stories and the 8 lessons you need to share within those chapters.

You write those 8 perfect chapters with our support.

You make peace with those 8 experiences and lessons, no matter how tricky they were to deal with.

You reflect on those lessons and what you could be doing differently.

We help you uncover your next business steps to create a customised marketing & business plan going forward.

AND – you come out of the experience with a finished manuscript AND a whole lot more clarity.

PLUS, you can either self-publish your book yourself with our instructions OR hand your finished manuscript to us – and our team of magical book wizards will handle all the editing, design, distribution, and publishing for you – at a dramatically reduced price (like half price!).


✅Inner Quiet & Calm.
✅Mental & Business Clarity.
✅A Marketing Plan (Your Very Own Magic 8 Ball).
✅A Book Manuscript – Ready to Edit & Publish & Position You as an Industry Leader.


✅1x Individual 1:1 Book Planning & Strategy Session With Us – To Get You Started.
✅10 Weeks of Facebook Writing Support & Accountability (Ask Us Anything Access)
✅Networking Opportunities
✅Our Signature Mastermind Writing Process & Formula – To Get you Writing Easily & Fast
✅1x Individual 1:1 Business Clarity & Marketing Session – To Guide You In Future
✅The Chance to Market Your Business & Book on Our Socials (Business Page, Groups, YouTube), Email Database and our Digital Magazine for Rural Entrepreneurs.


The Magic 8 Ball Business Book Mastermind will begin on 8th February 2023. The first lessons will be dropping at precisely 8:08am 😊

We’ll also be in touch to organise your 1:1 Book Planning Session either that first week, or the week or two beforehand.
And we’ll organise a time for your final 1:1 Business Strategy Session after the mastermind concludes.

You’ll have access to our Facebook group for coaching and networking from Monday 30th January 2023, through to Wednesday 12th April 2023.


Mastermind Only ($888)

Mastermind + Half Price Business Publishing Package ($4888)

Payment plans available 🙂


You can do so here…

Mastermind Only: https://theruralcopywriter.thrivecart.com/magic-8-ball-mastermind/

Mastermind Plus Publishing: https://theruralcopywriter.thrivecart.com/magic-8-ball-publishing-package/

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