The Secret To Beating Writers Block

As humans, let’s face it, we’re always looking for magical, instant fixes to the problems we encounter. It’s in our very nature to want the miracle cure. We’re impatient. We want instant.

Want to get rich? Tattslotto ticket.

Want to get thin? Slimming milkshakes.

Unfortunately, though, nothing quite beats consistently doing the work or persistently putting in the slow and steady effort.

Tattslotto might promise a quick fix, but growing a business or investing in real estate is a much better bet.

Many might swear black and blue that their miracle slimming milkshake worked wonders, but honestly, a healthy diet and consistent exercise will probably get your better, longer lasting results.

There is a saying that nothing worthwhile, comes easily.

And so it is with the dreaded writers block.

As business owners, or authors, we want to flick that magical switch. To learn that instant secret to success that will get you past the blank page and into content or book writing stardom. To become the writing machine, we’ve always dreamt of being.

The true answer, however, is far less sexy.

The answer, lies in your daily, weekly and monthly habits.

The answer is consistency.

One foot in front of the other. Little steps or actions that, when done consistently for long enough, add up to the result we’re looking for.

To become a writer – and to actually start and finish a book successfully – it always comes down to healthy habits.

It comes down to simply sitting down and writing, consistently.

But before you come at me with a whole heap of ‘but what on earth do I write’ questions…

To start with, it doesn’t actually matter.

You just need to start by writing something. Anything in fact.

Initially, it could just be a few sentences about how you’re feeling that day or what you plan to do. A simple journal if you will. Or, you might choose a random topic – say penguins or the latest news article – and write facts or your opinion.

I mean who doesn’t want to write about how amazing penguins really are?

Eventually though, when you commit yourself to sitting down and writing SOMETHING – you will eventually get the confidence (important!) and inspiration (needed!) to write what you really want or need to write.

Little. Tiny. Steps. Add. Up. Significantly. Over. Time.

And unfortunately, that’s the main secret to beating ‘writers block’ and finally finishing that book of yours.

It takes patience. Commitment. Dedication. Determination. But eventually, if you commit to the habit of writing, after around 30 days, it becomes second nature.

You do it without thinking about it.

You do it without hesitation.

Because it’s ingrained within your daily habits.

When writing becomes a habit – you can kiss procrastination, writers block, and any other excuse goodbye.

It happens.

And suddenly. Your book exists.

And if you need help in producing or publishing your book? You can then ask us 🙂

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